Dreamy Foundation Atomy

Dreamy Foundation Atomy

Dreamy Foundation Atomy, there is an issue now because he said he is involved with Christian missionary preaching. Many ustaz ustaz are noisy. An MLM company that uses the names of big influencers and ustaz to attract many Muslims in our country.

While it is clear that Atomy Malaysia is a company owned by Atomy Co Ltd from Korea to use their profits for the purpose of funding Christianization activities.

Only after Atomy Korea dropped all their evidence on the website and YouTube about them channeling funds to the Dreamy Foundation. Atomy gangs continue to sue Team MRM Ustaz Firdaus Wong Wai Hung and most recently teacher Mohd Fadli Salleh.
Atomy and the big people of Atomy who have been rich as a result of eating the commission of the members below and are not willing to lose it will do a thousand and one things to show that they are Shariah compliant. The end of time is indeed quite difficult to uphold the HAQ to fight the false. But the HAQ will still win, God willing. Keep up the strength of Team MRM and Cikgu Fadli I say.

Dakwah and Atomy

The meaning of “Dakwah” is broad and we can search on the internet. Finding it is easy but understanding it is one thing to focus on. Just like studying a subject such as “medicine”, studying and graduating is something that can be done but when we want to practice it, we need to do more than do or complete tasks, we need to think more than usual and do it based on our experience. The good and the bad of our actions.

The same goes for “Dakwah”. It is one of the duties that is obligatory on us who are Muslims. In general it is the task of calling to Islam, conveying good deeds and refraining from committing evil.

Atomy Malaysia’s sykt policy clearly states that no activities related to any religion are carried out by the sykt. Obtaining “Halal” certification for Atomy sykt products is one of Atomy’s actions to understand the sensitivity and needs of Muslims.

Non -Muslim Atomy Company?

Sykt Atomy is not an Islamic sykt and was not established in an Islamic country. And the majority of its staff are non -Muslims. Founded in 2009 in Korea, expanded to non -Muslim countries such as the US, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore until 2016 entered the Malaysian market.

Throughout the development of sykt Atomy even in Malaysia, they were not exposed to Islam, the needs of Muslims and so on until a man named Dr Tengku Asmadi who tried to explain about Islam and the needs of Muslims and then traded with sykt Atomy.
Here, when we talk about “Dakwah”, in my opinion, the effort made by Dr. Tengku Asmadi is a dakwah effort, and when he introduced about Islam, sykt Atomy tried to make changes such as ensuring that a product is recognized as “Halal”.

And we as Muslims, when there are parties who raise doubts, we need to look at the whole issue that is raised whether it is really true or not. And not based on a video that has been included from the original video, (another org video) that shows the ugliness of the individual sykt. This is not the way for us to preach.

When we see those who have begun to know about Islam, we should strive for them to know more about Islam and not the other way around. The act of raising the status quo worsens the existing situation on social media for public viewing, invites division, vandalism, slander, among Muslims and further to slander.

And when we are still unsure, we need to refer to the authorities such as the Mufti / religious Department. Attached is a question from our brother, Amir Ishak, and sy submitted to the mufti’s department along with the answer. The latest is on 15/2/2021.

Dreamy Foundation Atomy

Atomy Is Hot Enough

People strengthen their religion, it’s normal, we strengthen our religion. What is wrong with that? We do the work of DAKWAH. But if they bother or attack us, we MUST fight them. Example: Philip Morris & Cigarettes ATOMY OH ATOMY. Hot! Pretty hot! So that there is a left group because of the controversy that erupted. It is thought that we should take wise steps, study and weigh from all aspects.

Think about it, we soppin at Uncle Tan, Uncle Maniam and Uncle Hassan’s shop. Do they keep a little profit and give (the concept of alms) to their respective places of worship2. The answer is “yes”. Why? To add barokah or for “kasi Ong la”.
And when we soppin at their store, do we ask, where do they invest the proceeds of our purchase. Just like we soppin at ATOMY. With the intention to use quality products while generating income, ATOMY has now been looked down upon.

Forget the viral fast food brands that are said to buy weapons for Israel to kill Muslims. After a long time, the brand’s restaurant is still full of customers. What’s more, the “Prosperity Burger” season has begun

Hopefully ATOMY continues to grow, many customers and we can build the Atomy Mosque, the center of Atomy Islamic Knowledge and be able to Islamize the Korean people who are impressed. Forgive me if I made a mistake. This is just my personal opinion.

Atomy Brings a Christian Agenda?

Atomy tak BMF? Atomy brings the Christian agenda? Indeed, the issue of dreamy foundation atomy is serious. Some argue to me that joining Atomy is against the principles of BMF. I just smile and am not defensive in this regard. Earlier I was informed that it was indeed not BMF at the first level. Remember the BMF rankings? We review a little.
1. Buy Muslim products sold by Muslims
2. Buy non -Muslim products from Muslims.
3. Buy Muslim products sold by non -Muslims.

If joining Atomy through my network through this DTA 313 group, it is certainly not BMF at the first level. I do not deny it. It may fall to level 2. This group is pioneered by Malay Muslims who have been dominated by non -Muslims. Meaning it is still within the framework of the BMF. Can search and Google BMF posters, will find the framework.

At a time when Atomy’s business is growing rapidly to number 11 in the world in Direct Selling News data and has just entered the Malaysian market for the 3rd year, this is an opportunity for Muslims to seize and make it an opportunity to improve the economy. When successful, there will be profits channeled to the ummah through the institution of zakat by Atomy entrepreneurs from among Muslims.

Some even argue that Atomy in Korea supports Christianity and the CEO of Atomy set up a foundation channeled to the spread of Christianity. It’s also true and I don’t deny that. But as far as I know, with this superficial knowledge, it does not make our transactions and business with Atomy illegal. In fact any international company, owned by non-Muslims, has a lot to do with their religion.

Facebook Whatsapp Support Jews

A simple example of Mark Zuckerberg who is the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp also donates to Israeli kepads, openly. So are other international companies that I do not need to detail. If we can use the argument “We use Facebook and WhatsApp for Islamic preaching, even if the owner contributes to Israel”, why don’t we use the same argument for Atomy.

“We use Atomy to strengthen the economy of Muslims, even if its owners contribute to Christianity” Anyway, I am also not too defensive on this point. Suppose someone doesn’t want to join Atomy because of this, I accept with an open heart.

Since the beginning of the BMF campaign since the beginning of last year, many times I have stressed that BMF does not mean a boycott even if there are parties who try to lead in that direction. BMF is also not sowing hatred.

Feel free to read my old posts on FB on the BMF issue. And what I did with Atomy did not even contradict the BMF principles that I wrote some time ago. If there is a mistake in this writing, I am open to a rebuke and criticism of the dreamy foundation atomy.


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