Don’t Buy Fruits Vegetables From China

Don’t Buy Fruits Vegetables From China

Don’t Buy Fruits Vegetables From China. Every time my husband went to the supermarket to look for fruits and vegetables a few years ago, I did not forget to order fruits and vegetables other than China.

Now, there is no need for me to remind him like that because he is already good at finding fruits and vegetables that are really good for our family.

China is known for the highest soil pollution in the world.

Studies state 1/5 of the land in China is contaminated with waste, pesticides, heavy metals and so on. And 41 percent of that pollution, comes from heavy metal pollution such as chromium, lead and arsenic.

There is a village in China called ‘cancer village’. The study found that cancer rates in villages close to manufacturing industrial areas increased due to their polluted water and soil. Many of them suffer from cancer of the liver, lungs, esophagus and stomach.

Pay attention and care always about whatever food we always serve to the family. Every type of food that enters our mouth, will have an effect even for a moment.

I share some tips for choosing fruits and vegetables.

1. Look for labeled fruits and vegetables

Read the label where the fruit and vegetables come from, even if the crop actually doesn’t need any ingredients to be labeled. Avoid crops from China.

2. Find fruits and vegetables in the supermarket

Rarely do I find labeled fruits and vegetables at wet markets, farmers markets or night markets. If it’s hard to ask, look for fruits and vegetables in the supermarket to avoid taking crops from China.

3. Ask if there is no label

There are also villagers ‘crops for sale at wet markets, farmers’ markets, and night markets. But many also come from China. The key is to ask if there are no labels to read.

4. Find organic fruits and vegetables

If there is no choice of fruits and vegetables other than China, invest a little in organic fruits and vegetables. Fruit is usually a lot of choice from different countries, I guess it’s not a big deal. Most vegetables come from China such as garlic, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and so on.

Can refer to the picture, I have shared examples of fruits and vegetables labeled in the supermarket.

Today, Billion is as successful in.

At 11 .. enter je .. All empty fruits and vegetables more empty, he said x de enter goods from China … I chose 12 bj dragon fruit, 10 oranges and 10 apples, broccoli 1 .. all have been weighed .. I No way to find nuggets and hot dogs. I noticed that my shopping cart was gone .. I didn’t have much time .. I was looking for my trolley because I had chosen the fruit and the rest of the fruit was not good .. Apparently my trolley was owned by a Chinese man ..

And he. He also put his groceries .. I asked him .. (I remember he mistakenly took the trolley) ncik .. I’m sorry this is my trolley … it’s okay to check, I just want to take my groceries .. He’s not me, he said it’s all fruit he has. Padshal, it’s clear that I have it..the amount of fruit I know is out of my head..hmm in my heart, maybe his family wants to eat the fruit and he can find the time .. With a smile, I said ok, maybe I got the trolley wrong ..

The fairy tale or myth of KANGKUNG

People say that vegetable spinach is cold and not good for those who suffer from joint pain. And because kangkung is also Hang Tuah can see the face of the Emperor of China, it is said, when Hang Tuah sailed to China, he asked the cook, so that kangkung vegetables are cooked without being cut short, cooked long. .

With Hang Tuah’s wisdom, at meal time he had to look up to eat kangkung and accidentally he could see the emperor’s face. But, we are advised not to cook 1 tree, we are afraid of choking later.

This tauchu fried spinach recipe.
1 scoop of spinach (or less) during the day, wash clean and drain
8 large size shrimp, cleaned
3/4 large cup of tauco
1 large cup of oyster sauce
1 large onion, sliced
Salt or fish sauce to taste (if necessary)
1/3 cup water

5 small red onions
2 cloves garlic
1 red chilli
1 green chilli seed

Heat 3 large cups of cooking oil, saute the mashed ingredients until fragrant, add the oyster sauce and tauco, stir and cook for a while.
Add the shrimp, mix well and pour in the water. Bring to the boil and the shrimp to change color, use medium heat and stir constantly.

Add sliced ​​onion and kangkung, increase the heat and mix the kangkung until smooth. Taste and if necessary, just add a little salt or fish sauce, to taste. Stir and can turn off the heat. Serve immediately with rice and other side dishes.
Good luck!!

How Antivaccine Choose Foods

YB Khairy Jamaluddin, I just want to share with YB, about how anti -vaccine mcm I choose food. Some people reject this vaccine, so they avoid buying products from China. As a result, the agricultural industry is not environmentally friendly.
They use too many chemicals to contaminate the soil and then the crops that are planted also absorb nutrients from the soil contaminated with the harmful chemicals.

As for China, he wants to monopolize all industries, YB. He wants to control the world economy.
YB must also be aware of all this, the quality of products from China. How their government treats their people.
This sy shows YB the difference in the price of garlic from China and India.
Both are the same garlic. Allium Sattivum.

Ni bru garlic taw YB. Many products from China that we avoid. Potatoes, onions, shallots, vegetables and mcm2 lg.
The little black is garlic from India, YB. Haa … The price is expensive and he uses traditional methods in the agricultural sector. Therefore, the price of Indian garlic is more expensive because of quality.
Garlic China tu YB peram lama pun putik dia susah nak tumbuh. He has a lot of poison to use.
If the thing is good, YB, the price is expensive, x for free is what people are looking for. No need for free. You have to pay to find out if the thing is good. Yelah, healthy is expensive.
That’s why I like onions from India. The quality is the best
. As long as it’s not from China.

See x YB?
Black garlic is also a dream. Mcm sy always mentioned before this YB.
Tall, dark n handsome is always an option kemon la YB …
Sy hopes that YB will consider the agreement to purchase vaccines from China. Sbb sy dpt makluman MALAYSIA smpai nak byr deposit sy x remember the amount is million. Chinese products xde quality YB.
Kobid19 is the only durable Chinese product. Apart from that, all x hold

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