Death Covid Vaccine

Death Covid Vaccine


SHORT TERM (1-30 days):

1. Red blood cell clotting.

2. Clumping of thrombosis (due to platelets/blood pieces that trigger inflammation/inflammation & cross -reactivity between proteins).

3. Myocarditis – Inflammation of the myocardium/muscle/middle layer of the heart wall.

4. Strokes – Ischemic injuries both temporary and permanent because the oxygen demand of cells/tissues exceeds the supply of oxygen obtained.

5. Heart Attack – Ischemic injury to the heart due to blockage of the blood vessels of the heart / brain stem caused by Red Blood Cell Clots / Platelet Clots. It could also be due to inflammation in the area.

6. Spontaneous Abortions – Spontaneous miscarriage due to biodistribution / distribution of pakshuin substances that are most abundant in the reproductive organs so that there is a potential for ischemic or inflammatory injury.

7. Pulmonary Embolism – Blood clots in the pulmonary arteries resulting in lung tissue death & lung failure.

8. Anaphylactic Reactions – Severe life -threatening allergic reactions caused by certain substances / foreign substances / allergens. For example Polyethylene Glycol 2000.

MEDIUM TERM (1-12 Months):

1. Immunodeficiency triggered / stimulated by the Vaccine-characterized by the number of lymphatic cells / white blood cells / immune cells whose number declines drastically. This can be due to disorders of the lymphatic system, for example: Bone marrow & Spleen.

2. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) – The severity of the disease triggered / stimulated by the vaccine due to the antibodies produced are not neutralized and used by the virus as a Trojan horse / ride to enter immune cells (such as macrophages, monocytes, B cells, cells dendritic) and replicate / multiply in it.

3. Autoimmune Reaction-A condition of centralized attack of immune / lymphatic cells against body cells that have chronic inflammatory (and prolonged) due to vaccine substances that continuously damage the electronegative charge of body cells.

4. Neurological / nerve disorders caused by prions – misfolded / misfolded proteins. The RNA messenger mechanism in vaccines triggers the body’s cells to make artificial S proteins / antigens that are similar to viral S proteins. This protein is pathogenic and can induce / affect normal proteins in nerve tissue / brain to be abnormal as itself.

5. Heart Failure: Either due to ischemic injury in the blood vessels of the heart / brain stem or due to Inflammatory which can also occur in both.


1. Abnormal / Pathogenic S protein triggers chromosome damage – This is most likely because the body cells that produce the S protein (because it triggers messenger RNA / DNA vector virus) make the lymphatic / immune system form anti -DNA antibodies.

2. Cancer – Disruption of electronegative charge by electropositively charged vaccine Adjuvant causes the dissolution of intracellular and extracellular / interstitial gels that cause the gap / distance between cells to close and become dense / dense, forming pockets / glands that hold various toxins / cellular waste in them – This is the true definition of Tumor / Cancer.

3. Immunodeficiency / More Severe Immune Disorders – Chronic / serious damage to the lymphatic system, possibly due to ischemic or inflammatory.

4. More severe Autoimmune Diseases – Due to untreated inflammation and clearance of vaccine substances in the intracellular and interstitial failed by immune cells / lymphatic system.

5. Disturbed / suppressed DNA repair mechanism – This is due to the presence of genotoxic vaccine substances (damaging genetic information in cells) that cause mutations and mutagenic (permanently altering the genetic material / DNA).

6. Infertility / Disorders / Reproductive Diseases – Biodistribution / distribution of substances Vaccines, one of which is in the reproductive organs, which of course result in ischemic injury (due to blood clotting) and / or inflammatory (due to cytotoxic)

NATURAL IMMUNITY -VS- SUBSCRIPTION IMMUNITY (Spike-Protein Supplement Vaccination)

We are now being molded / trained to rely hopefully on a supply of immunity that tends to fade after a period of time (waning immunity), through periodic injections / inoculations of pathogen preparations, which may not end on the “Health” label. Pathogen – pategon (Definition: [Drug] a disease -causing agent, especially art organisms such as bacteria and viruses).

It is no secret now, we can still see those who have not been vaccinated, still standing firm and crawling on the face of the earth living their lives as usual despite being often discriminated against and haunted by the presence of various mutations and variants of Covid-19 which are said to be very violent and dangerous. The existence of this “Unvax” cluster is clear evidence for the failure of function and performance of Covid-19 pathogenic fluid which is said to be essential for life protection, while those who have received this pathogenic fluid, are now increasingly meeting and topping the charts for positive cases and ward admissions as a result. Covid-19 in the last 3 months [Source: Covidnow].

We are aware that vaccines do not stop viral infections or transmission, even though we were once promised such a thing early in the start of a vaccination program. In some western countries such as the United Kingdom [Source: Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 42], through its 42nd weekly report, on pages 23 & 24, they now acknowledge that antibody levels appear to be lower in people who get the infection, following the reception of two doses vaccine. It further explains that this decrease in antibodies is essentially permanent.

Rejecting this experimental vaccine completely, keeps you safe from vaccine side effects (AEFI or VAED) by 100%, and safe from being a chess pawn in a conspiracy theory prediction by 200%. Research all the contents of the product as much as possible, find out the facts from all perspectives, especially from the sources of analysis of foreign scientists who are knowledgeable about the manufacture and production of the vaccine.

Leading scientists once said that it should not force the reception of the COVID-19 vaccine on anyone, when mounting evidence was present, suggesting that naturally acquired immunity was the same, or stronger and higher than what the experimental vaccine could afford to supply. existing. Instead, we must respect the right and integrity of individuals to make their own assessments and decisions based on the risk-reward ratio that awaits (risk & reward ratio).

How is it possible for us to force a person to be injected with a substance / liquid into his body if we ourselves have no absolute certainty of its effects, either for the short or long term? Is it just enough to lean on the views of a few one -sided experts in his narrative? This is not the place for us to play puzzles and look at fate. Is it worth it if life is at stake?

DO YOU WANT A SUBSCRIPTION OF IMMUNITY FROM PERIODIC INJECTIONS? TILL WHEN? HOW MUCH? This snippet is just a mind beat for all of us. Hopefully time, will inspire the frozen side of your heart.

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