Dahmer So Confusing ?

Dahmer So Confusing ?

The other day when looking after Eidris admitted husna had time to listen to this story.

It’s a bit of a classic soul, likes watching documentaries

Apparently, Dahmer has been in movies/series a few times, right?

But this is the first time I have seen it.

It’s true that psychos have stories. You want us to watch it knowing that this story is based on real events, right?

It’s even more confusing when you look at this story.

When I started watching, I really felt sorry for Jeff Dahmer.

Yes, he was brought up in a very troubled family, making us think that’s the whole reason he’s like that.

But the longer I look at it, the pity disappears. More to overflowing anger!!!

It’s totally his fault! You can’t really blame those around you.

What a pity if he has killed a dozen people. Not just kill it. Ready to eat again!!

Allahu Akbar. May God keep us away from meeting people like this

There’s only one thing that’s ok (okay, I don’t think it’s good), his ending, right.. he admitted he was wrong.

There is no guilty plea to anything.

Even if his father brings a lawyer to back him up.. don’t ask him to admit he’s crazy but he doesn’t want to.

He said he knew and was aware of what he was doing. Why do you want to say he is crazy?

Mixed feelings watching this story. There are also many lessons.

In terms of parenting. It cannot be denied that the child was formed from home. The role of parents is VERY IMPORTANT!

In terms of socialization. Don’t trust people too much. Jeff Dahmer’s face in real life is more or less like this actor. It’s true that an innocent face doesn’t look like a serial killer anyway

In terms of justice. There have been many times that he has actually been arrested or almost arrested, but somehow justice is very unfair, it’s fun to get away with it.

And a few more.

You can see it if you have a strong soul.. the important thing is to see it to learn a lesson

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