Cristiano Ronaldo CNN Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo CNN Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo CNN Interview .“She’s definitely the most important person in my life. The one who’s given me everything, my education and all the opportunities I’ve had in life. She’s always by my side, in the good and the bad times .. she’s never shut any doors. She’s always given me the chance to follow my dream. ”

Interview between Cristiano Ronaldo and Pedro Pinto on CNN, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who doesn’t know?
One of the richest footballers in the world with a total salary of about £ 500,000 (RM2.8 million) a week. Yes, that’s a week’s salary.

But one of the things I learned from Ronaldo is that no matter how rich he is, no matter how great he is, no matter how much people admire him, he never once said bad things about his mother, Maria Dolores Aveiro.

He really, really loves his mother.

Tell anyone who says bad things about his mother, he will stay away. It doesn’t matter who his girlfriend is, who he is, once he says bad things about his mother, you’re out. Yes, until then, unfortunately Ronaldo is close to his mother.

Personally, I think one of the secrets of Ronaldo’s success, apart from his hard work, is the undivided blessing from his mother.

Imagine every step that Ronaldo took, every drop of sweat that came out … his mother was blessed and satisfied. So it is not surprising that Ronaldo can achieve the success he has now.

The first thing he said to his mother when he was offered to go to Manchester United at the age of 18, he said,

“Mom, you can choose which house you want near Manchester”

He realized, he was not originally a happy person.

Her mother used to live hard in Madeira, one of the most remote islands in Portugal and her mother once went so far as to commit suicide. So Ronaldo doesn’t want his mother to be difficult anymore. Get her first salary for her mother. Now tell me what you want, Ronaldo bought it. Tell me where you want to go, take Ronaldo’s finger.

Actually, jealous.

How sincere is the love of a child, to be blessed with such success & able to make his mother happy while his mother is still alive.

May we be good children who always make our parents happy, and may they be satisfied with every breath we take in this world.

I don’t know who went first.

If we go first, may they be satisfied with our lives .. And if they go first, may we be able to make them happy as much as we can.

True, not everyone is provided for by good parents, but they are still our parents. Try to do good to them.

Cristiano Ronaldo Car

Armand asked me;
“When daddy was little, what was your dream car when he grew up?”
“Hmm .. Daddy’s time used to be the most spicy car at that time, the Honda Ferio ‘Type-R’. The man who drove the car automatically became a hensem even though he wasn’t handsome. Armand?”
“Armand will play football with the Juventus team later. Big salary. Must want to buy a Bugatti like Cristiano Ronaldo. Speed!”
“Ewah ewah. Daddy can ride later?”
“Of course I can. But I’m alone. Because there are two seats. Mommy lives at Aaron’s nursing home with Altamis.” he answered while scratching his head.
“Haha! Dare Armand leave mommy. He has the ‘power’ you know. A two -seater car can be a six -seater. Even the descendants of Wonder Woman.”
I like to tease Armand because his personality is kind of taboo challenged. He must get the thing he wants. For him there must be a way to solve the problem. This time he smiled in reply;
“It’s nice. If mommy wants to come, we’ll get in the van. Armand bought another one. You can bring everyone in there!”
Adoi .. there is also a good backup plan. Forget he’s a Juventus footballer. Money is not an issue. Huhu. Sometimes I am also surprised by what comes out of this boy’s mouth. I knew about the Bugatti car after entering the University, dorang from primary school already knew it was ready with the car specifications again.
It’s good to have conversation with them. Hopefully given a long life to see them grow up, have a family, grandchildren later.
If it’s time to read this post, daddy is still there. Don’t forget to drop daddy off the first car bought. Never mind the Bugatti, the Myvi, there is a promise.
And if it’s time to read this post, daddy won’t. Don’t worry, don’t be sad. Give alms reward for daddy ye. It would be much better.


Read to the end until you get to the 12th note number.

1. The name Cristiano Ronaldo is big and fragrant in the world of football. The former Real Madrid star (now Jeventus) – had a huge ego on the gridiron – on the pitch. Rio Ferdinand, who once played with him in the MU team also said the same thing.

“You could see what the result meant for him and his team-mates. He has a huge ego, but you do need him to be a great player.
,” said Ferdinand.

“Great players
able to adapt, be flexible, and change habits. That’s what Cristiano did today. Everything about him. He is difficult to stop pursuing his greatness,” continued the former England defender.

2. This personality has its own authority outside the field. If he as a soccer player received his award recently, Ronaldo dedicated it to Alberto Frantau. He said: “Yes, I am a great football player
but my success is thanks to my friend Alberto Fantrau”

3. People looked at each other and asked, “Who is this Mr Fantrau?”

4. Ronaldo said, “We played together in a youth team, when Sporting of Lisbon recruiters came to watch us they told us that the striker who scored the most goals would be recruited into the sports academy. That day we won 3-0.

5. I scored the first goal and then Alberto scored the second with his head. And the third goal was the one that amazed everyone. Alberto started off the wing, dribbled through many defences. He managed to break free, then found himself face to face with the goalkeeper.

6. He has a golden opportunity and is ready to shoot into an empty goal. Alberto decided to move to the side and pass the ball to me who was in an unmarked position and I scored. With that network, I qualify for the Sporting Lisbon Academy.

7. After the game I went to him, and asked, “Why did you do that?” And he replied, “Because I know that you are better than me!”. These words remain imprinted in my mind to this day.

8. Curiosity of the journalists peaked. Journalists began looking for Alberto Fantrau to confirm whether the story told by Ronaldo was true. Alberto confirmed it, adding that his work as a soccer player ended after that match as he was the only chance to turn professional.

9. Since then he has remained unemployed. However, the reporters saw his mansion and his Mercedes car parked in the garage and asked, “You are unemployed but how can you have a house and a carriage like that and live so luxuriously? You seem rather comfortable and live a comfortable life.”

10. Alberto’s answer once again amaze the humanity in journalists “All that? .. is a gift from Ronaldo”. Extraordinary words penetrated the soul again.

11. Need me to give a “moral of the story”. No need. We all understand in our own way. And underline, the story around this FB may be “fake”. Just held. If he is not right, just take the good example we are natural to do in our lives.

12. Share the opportunity and don’t forget the kindness of people to us. Easy as that. Names can be exchanged, stories can be circulated, we can spread appropriate gestures.

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