Copywriting Hard Soft Sell

Copywriting Hard Soft Sell

COPYWRITING HARD SOFT SELL is really interesting for us to learn. so I show some examples to make the best delicious sentences
Examples of Hard Sell Copywriting

you can follow this sentence just change according to the suitability of each product2. In copywriting there must be ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE AND ACTION. Here I give an example:

Want to feel calm or release tension quickly?
Do you suffer from stress and difficulty sleeping?
Runsing with existing problems, trying to forget the problem but the problem still comes to mind.

Many suffer from emotional stress but do not know how to let go.

Like my friend used to have problems with emotional stress and stress until every month he sees a psychiatrist at the hospital. But after trying AMO AROMATHERAPY OIL, he just felt relieved and calm. And now he doesn’t have to commute to the hospital anymore.



It’s important to note that making claims about the efficacy of aromatherapy oils or any product in addressing mental health issues, such as memory problems or feelings of distress, should be approached with caution. Statements like these can potentially mislead individuals and may not be supported by scientific evidence.

In many states and countries, there are strict regulations and requirements regarding health-related claims for products. These regulations are often overseen by health departments or regulatory bodies that set standards to protect consumers from false or misleading information.

If you are promoting a product with health benefits, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with the requirements by state and regulations set forth by health authorities in each state or country where the product is being marketed. Violating these regulations can lead to legal consequences and damage the reputation of the product and the company behind it. Always consider consulting with regulatory experts or legal professionals to ensure that your marketing claims align with established guidelines.

Advantages of AMO aromatherapy oils
1. Contains the best ingredients of mint, lavender, virgin coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and black seed.
2. Have a recitation of 30 verses of the Quran
3. Which is definitely BMF
4. Alcohol free, HALAL, has MOH and GMP approval.

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Copywriting Hard Soft Sell in MLM

In an MLM business or networking business… .SOFT SELL OR HARD SELL is important in determining how many sales will go into a business.
Is it soft Sell or Hard Sell ???

Hard Sell is a sentence of selling Directly to your prospects by explaining in relation to the product and price.
Soft Sell is a sentence to sell In Direct to your prospects. In other words, when prospects read your ad, they will not realize that you actually intend to sell.

In Soft sell, we do not “force” prospects to buy our products, but in Hard Sell we do have to force them to buy from us.
Among other examples of soft sell is the use of content such as sharing tips and storytelling.

The question is which is best used in our ad text?
Most people think that the use of Soft Sales is better because we don’t look like selling.

That’s right..because people don’t like themselves in a situation like being sold.
For the right to use Hard Sell is also very important. Especially when we have promotions also with free gifts and want to use the scarcity technique.

A little knowledge to share.
Copywriting Hard Soft Sell According to NLP

Examples of Sentences to Attract /Persuade Customers based on psychology or Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP in Business).

Copywriting Hard Soft Sell

There are 3 IMPORTANT KEYS in Copywriting:



➡️Persuade (Alluring Verse)

1.Language / Bahasa Audiences

“Match your word to your target audiences.”

No need for high literary language, just enough everyday conversational language so that what you write is easily understood.

2.Promote / Promote

Promotion is a type of communication between buyers and sellers.

Sellers try to persuade buyers to buy their goods or services through promotions.

It helps in making people see your product, service or company.

This method of marketing can also influence the minds of readers to become buyers.

3.Persuade / Persuade / Attract

“Persuasion is an art of influencing the mind of the reader and try to convince other people to change their attitudes or behavior regarding selling.”

That is, art that influences the minds of readers and tries to convince others to change their attitudes or behaviors about sales.

These three elements must be present in every copywriting instead of constantly advertising blind pigs.

Examples of enticing/persuasive sentences based on psychology, in the science of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP in Business).

1. Do not use the word (IF) or (IF), but use the word (WHEN).

“If you use this product…” (Wrong)

“If you use our service ..” (Wrong)

Usually customers will say,

“I’ll think about it later, yes.”


Because the word (IF) or (IF) influences the brain to make choices.

Whether to get it or not.


The word (WHEN) makes the customer’s brain describe that they are using your product.

“When Mr. Daniel uses this software, there is no need to use many employees, so save some money rikat ”

“When you use this lid, you don’t have to waste time rubbing it, just cover it”.

WHEN the salary comes in, you have two choices either WANT TO DOUBLE INCOME by WRITING, or SPEND AND FINALLY COMES REGRET.


“Writing is not a job, it’s business” – Dan Poynter.

Want to seriously write, look in the comments section now.


Ok today we will share tips fb ads exclusive for sifufbads fans who work as car salesmen. So abam2 or kakak2 who feel like increasing sales selling proton cars to, produa to, honda to, bmw to, lambogitu to, by using fb ads, let’s try to follow these tips, it’s ok. can use hard soft sell copywriting techniques.


Highlight your USP over other salesmen. Mention a location in the title. Ex:




Understand the audience. Identify their problems when buying kete. Mention in copywriting, and what solutions you can offer.


Use your picture with previous customers. I can draw a picture of the car they just bought. Collect written testimonials from them. More is better.


In addition to testimonials, also put pictures of awards/awards you have received to increase the prospect’s trust in you.


There are many car salesmen in Malaysia. To make people more attracted to you, give them an OFFER that is worthwhile to them. Give an offer that makes them feel ‘it’s a loss if I accept the offer from this salesman’ ..

Apart from copywriting and fb ads, make sure you update your posts on fb regularly. It’s best to scale a day. And diversify your post. Don’t hardsell them all. Insert tips related to car care, car buying and selling, tips on buying a 2nd hand car and other related things.

Build your fans continuously. LIKE mktg must be consistent.


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