Buy House From Agent

Buy House From Agent

Buy House From Agent. Why is it wiser to buy a house from an agent than to buy directly from the owner?

Buy House From Agent ?

1) Buy from this direct owner, the selling price may be the shock price itself. But if you buy from an agent, usually the price of the house sold is checked with the bank value. Because agents know that if the selling price is higher than the bank value, it is difficult for them to close a deal. They will advise the owner about a price that is easy and can be sold.

2) Agents like a one stop center. Buy from them, they will arrange to send a loan application to the bank and arrange the best lawyer for you. Ready to get more free advice …

3) Booking a house through an agent, the booking money goes into their agency account. Safer. If anything happens, we can call their boss at the agency office phone number. If you pay the booking to the owner, make them call tomorrow, “the number you dialed is not in service”. Haaa .. I’m not upset …

4) This agent is registered under the agency and registered with the Board of Valuers, Assessors and Real Estate Agents. There is a professional body that guards. It’s like there is a disciplinary board that guards and monitors, they will run the business according to the rules. Otherwise, the agency license can be revoked .. So .. our buying and selling process is safer.


some of my friends asked me about buying a house..maybe some are worried about fraud and so on..yes..I understand..for individuals who buy a house..especially the first house, must be worried..worried and afraid..know..the amount invested is not here..let me explain briefly about buying this house.

today I will explain about buying a house for subsale (meaning buying a house from people..not from developers). I will focus on buying using an agent.procedures

1. if you buy a house using an agent..the first thing you need to visit is the house you want to buy. if the agent is known through easy (online advertising sites), arrange a suitable time to inspect the home. Make sure the house is in good leaks and other damages. if there is damage, get an explanation from the agent whether the seller will repair the damage to the house

2. After inspecting the house and you are still interested in the house, the agent will ask you to pay a 3 % deposit of the price of the house as the earnest deposit. at this time, you will sign a document called a purchase offer letter. in this letter it will usually be stated that the buyer and seller are required to enter into a sale and purchase agreement within 14 days from the date the purchase offer letter is signed. otherwise the earnest money of your deposit will be forfeited.

At this stage, you need to insist with the agent to also include a condition that the earnest money of your deposit should be refunded if your loan does not pass. keep in mind that you can use this “Purchase Offer letter” to apply for a loan. so the loan will usually only be applied for after this 3% money is paid and this purchase offer letter is signed. make sure you ask the agent to include the additional conditions that I mentioned, risk losing the earnest money of the 3% deposit if suddenly the loan you applied for does not pass.

Usually the agent will help you to apply for a loan from the bank because the agent will get a little commission from can actually apply for a loan from the bank yourself. Do not be fooled by the agent that only they can manage your loan. I have many close friends who work as bank officers including MAYBANK, AFFIN, CIMB ETC for housing loans. You can contact me if you want me to help to apply for a loan. I will not charge you anything (Please people will get a reward..luckily..later the buyer will appoint me to be a lawyer for the preparation of S & P.

3. Once your loan has been approved, you need to appoint a lawyer to prepare a Sale and Purchase Agreement (S&P). At this stage, again the agent will recommend you to appoint a lawyer they like. various reasons will be given..easy to communicate … I’m already familiar with them..etc … hehe..usually the agent will get a small commission if he introduces you to the lawyer. would like me to remind you that you actually have the right to choose your own lawyer. than for the commission to the’s better that you find your own lawyer to the agent “I already have my own lawyer..for the lawyer I will take care of it myself” in this case you have to be firm because otherwise the agent will persuade you as hard as you can to go to their lawyer.understand..get a commission.sometimes the lawyer appointed by this agent..know the agent himself ,, so your interests are a bit difficult to take care it’s actually better if you are looking for your own lawyer because the lawyer will be neutral in protecting your interests in the event of fraud in the matter. I would like to remind you that .. legal fees for the purchase of this house is the same for each lawyer because the scale of legal fees is controlled by the Council Lawyer. This means that the lawyer cannot charge expensive @ cheap from the prescribed scale..if the charge is expensive @ than it should can report to the Bar Council. so at this stage actually again gentlemen can contact me and if interested can appoint me to be your lawyer. can contact me also to get a price quotation. God willing

I will provide a reasonable price for you. But please provide some necessary information such as:
1) the address of the property to be purchased
2) selling price
3) if there is a copy of the can also submit it to me.

from there I can make a rough estimate of the legal costs that will be involved. if you want to be happy..we can arrange an appointment to meet..want to come to my office I can too..but if there is a problem with time..we can arrange an appointment outside ( shop etc) outside office hours. I always meet my lawyer in the Wangsa Maju & Taman Melati area at night..sometimes on holidays. understand..the lawyer’s hard to get the best way is to meet outside office hours while tea..I still like camnie because it’s more relaxed..hehehe..That’s if you haven’t been appointed..if you’ve confirmed your appointment to manage the preparation S&P nie..saya xde problem to go see you at your place and we can deal outside office hours anywhere. I will meet you at your place if you really don’t want to visit my bad office,. legal fees and just want to meet for a chat..we meet in the Wangsamaju @ Taman Melati area only :).

4. ok..continue..after the S&P has been prepared by the appointed lawyer, the seller and buyer will sign this S&P. at this time, you as the buyer need to pay the remaining 7% as a deposit balance to the seller..then finish your work..after that all the work will be done by your just wait for the time to receive the house keys..the time taken will depend on the house purchased..if the house is a leasehold..low cost etc. will usually take longer because you need to get permission from the authorities etc. to sell the house. however, you do not need to worry because all these matters will be handled by an appointed lawyer.

5. after finishing everything..the lawyer will hand over the remaining 90% of the sale money to the seller and at the same time, the seller will have to hand over the keys to the lawyer. after that ,, the key will be handed over to the buyer and then with this ,, officially you already have a house..congratulations 🙂 .

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