Business Coach Scam People ?

Business Coach Scam People ?

Business Coach Scam People ? The revered scammer of the new millennium who will be glorified, admired and not outwardly wronged by the authorities

Sifu/Business Coach

The most famous now is the Business Coaching, Marketing, How To Reach RM1 Million First class. These are all the classes most people want to enter, for what reason? Because everyone wants to be rich

Mentor chat if you want to do business, you must have new knowledge to be able to do business. Among the many fishing attractions to enter the class:

1) They will use techniques since the days of MLM in the past, first he will condemn what we do

“Until when do you want to work?”

“Don’t you want to use Vellfire ?, don’t you want your wife’s children to sit in your Waja convert Evo back to Kokdiang when the festival”

Release the condom, followed by the trap question

“You want to be a millionaire? Let’s take this class from Sifu Bidin. The class should be RM300 but for the first 100 people it’s RM50. If you want to trade, you have to have new knowledge.”

And you signed up without hesitation in the hope of becoming a millionaire after class

2) Big Why – is the most famous question all illegal coaching sifu this jadah will ask. While shouting in the hall

“What’s your big why?”
“What do you want in life?”
“Why do we have to be rich? Why do we want to be so rich?”

And you in that hall started screaming and howling while enthusiastically talking about why I have to be rich, why I want to be rich. Come out with a picture of a student who used to ride a kapcai, make up a story about buying a kapcai Aeon Credit downpayment is expensive, but now after selling the magic bracelet, he is wearing Lambo Urus.

Wanting more shock, he also played a picture of someone with a family going on umrah, while backround nasyid music and thanksgiving speeches could bring your mother to the holy land (this chapter is indeed a weak Malay when many Malays want to go to Mecca)

Continue again, the picture came out, I used a big car, I had a big house. Another shock is that there is a Ducati as big as a parking lot

This time, your emotions are already 50% of these sifu scammer have been caught. He’s been playing with emotions, you’re the person in the hall and he’s starting to daydream, he’s talked to the friend next door and don’t forget, your sifu sifu, he has people in the crowd sitting next to you and their work will say “I know the polan in the slide show, he used to buy a burger, I didn’t have enough money to pay, now I see he’s rich “You too, when you hear that kind of thing

3) Emotions – When you and the majority in the hall are affected by emotions, they give a few tips. A little jer don’t you hope all. He taught FB Ads a little bit, how to narrow the target segment, he will start coming out in terms of his own creation, robot ads, robocop marketing, gorilla market and various things.

Then, he showed the testimonials of students who have been successful. From selling 1 bar of soap a day, now I want to sell 5000 bars a day and the thing that will be shown is a picture while lying next to a parcel that is piled up, supposedly the result of what was taught. Not to forget, in the testimonial, there is a video of thanks from a student who was able to sell 5000 bars of soap, ending with “if I don’t go to class, I don’t know if I can reach the current level or not”

You’re starting to be amazed at this time, you’re starting to think about selling toothbrushes, you’re starting to think about selling lids …..

4) Real Testimonials – not enough with testimonials from the video, he called up some former students up. They are the ones who used to be difficult, used to ride kapcai, ate meggi for four parts, children drank liquid milk mixed with nescafe, then the story is now business million million

Remember, millions of millions never play hundreds of thousands of thousands. I bought my dream car, I bought my dream house, I sent my mother to Mecca. It doesn’t look like the same script was repeated.

Start from the vocal delivery, then the audio visual and lastly in real. At this time, you in the hall forgot to come to study marketing, study business, but you have started to dream of becoming rich because salt, tomato sauce, chili sauce have to be added to make it more delicious

5- Main Motive – your sifu actually wants you to enter his class for RM40,000. The first class you entered was between his teeth. How to get rich with RM50 per person

He repeated the kind of script no. 1 with the addition “All you saw earlier, who have succeeded just now are my Platinum Titanium class alumni”

“I don’t need many people, if you want to change your life, want to make RM1 to RM1 million, come with me and this friend for only RM40,000. If you don’t want to get RM40,000 out of where your first million knowledge will be come? ”

“What is RM40,000 with RM1 million that you will feel. I am sure when you have one million, the RM40,000 that you invest today is like RM400 that you use to buy kitchen items only”

“Capital of RM40,000 and return of RM1 million? This is not a get rich quick scheme sir, this is your investment for knowledge that will double not only 1 million but to 2 and 3 million”

So many who have gray eyes heard RM1 million continue to sign up without thinking long

In the hall that day there were 300 people, he only needed 10% equivalent to 30 people who were thirsty and hungry to hold RM1 million for him to collect RM1.2 million openly and without guilt (30 people × RM40,000)

So in the same day, your sifu made RM1.2 million, not you

After you have studied, the money is gone, RM40,000 has flown, you are covered. Any business doesn’t start

So this process will continue to repeat until your sifu is rich and he uses the same script because Malaysians have 32 million people, there are many more that he can cheat

The story is the same as coaching to lose weight. Travelers want to be thin to study with an online coach ready to pay, as long as you can’t take care of that button, you don’t have to worry about being thin

Meh I teach, you don’t have to pay if you want to be thin

In conclusion, this is the most legit way to become rich in this modern age without breaking the law

A real millionaire? TS Syed, TS Tony, Dato Din don’t have time to do this class. They want to face real business, sometimes even 24 hours is not enough

But no, if you miss sifu sifu coaching, their faces are many on the highway billboards, I’m glad you people remember and don’t forget

Can’t believe what I’m saying? Is there Netflix? Open the documentary “Money Explained” and see how money game scammer one world uses to manipulate people and take advantage.

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