Build Muscle With Plant

Build Muscle With Plant

You very definitely don’t need to be eating meat to build muscle 💪. Nimai Delgado is living proof of this fact.

Plants are the original source of all amino acids which our bodies build into the various proteins as needed, for various repair needs like skin cell replacement, hair growth and to help build muscles 💪.

If you eat the dead decaying flesh of animals or dairy or eggs or use protein powders from the same, then you are simply filtering your proteins via someone else’s body parts or their secretions. This is definitely not the right way to do it, because as herbivorous animals our bodies are not designed for this and as a result it acidifies our blood 🩸 and causes inflammation which keeps our immune system busy all of the time (since we usually eat 3 times a day) so that the immune system becomes less effective to be dealing with any foreign bacteria 🦠 or viruses or injury repair.

Stick to eating whole plant foods without oil, salt and refined sugars and free from chemicals and you will get all of the protein that you need to build muscles in the gym.

Oh and there is definitely no need to be using any processed plant based protein powders either (Robert Cheeke is a great example of this). These have the fibre and micronutrients stripped out of them so they are not health promoting at all. Make sure that you eat enough calories from whole plant foods and you will likely exceed your daily protein requirements, but you will get lots of critically important fibre and many micronutrients too to keep your body functioning at optimum.

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