Best Thing About Influencer ?

Best Thing About Influencer ?

Do you remember the best thing about influenza?

This is one of the things you have to deal with. Some netizens want to read what’s good with their throats only. It doesn’t taste good, it will hit and try to connect things that have nothing to do with it.

Usually this group just came to my wall after reading one or two hot and viral issues. Just keep judging and hitting.

Why? Because he doesn’t like it. Although he can tap the block button if he doesn’t like it. But it’s normal, there are those who choose to hit the button all the way.

Not yet. If he is not good at pressing the block button, I will help him press the button.

Let him rest easy and don’t have to read anything I share anymore. Let him not be able to see the disgusting marketing. Haha.

My friends who have been following me for a long time are just chill, even if there are one or two issues they don’t agree with. Because they are looking for common ground on other issues.

That is normal. Even the imams of 4 sects have different views. But none of them quarreled.

Some people like watermelon. Some like apples. But can we eat together?

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