Anwar First Press Conference As Prime Minester

Anwar First Press Conference As Prime Minester

JUST IN: PM Anwar declares Monday (Nov 28) as public holiday

● PM Anwar stresses that the government formed is one based on national unity with the participation of PH, BN and GPS as the largest coalitions

● PM Anwar said all parties welcomed to join unity government, including PN

● No one will be marginalised under my government – PM Anwar

● PM Anwar to give main focus on the economy, will not compromise on corruption, abuse of power

● Anwar reiterates that he will not take a salary as the prime minister

● On DPM’s appointment, PM Anwar said: “When I decide, I will inform you.”

● The unity government will continue to uphold the spirit of the Constitution, Bahasa Melayu as official language – PM Anwar

● Parliament session set for Dec 19; the first motion after taking of oath will be vote of confidence on PM – Anwar

● This is a unity gov’t, it transcends beyond coalitions with intention to ensure Malaysia has stability and focus in the economy – PM Anwar

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