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The advantages and functions of Aniena Beauty Care products are really good. The latest products from local children are suitable for all skin types, from young to old. Can see some of the product lines below.

Why take care of facial skin?

The face is the first member that people will look at. Try if a lot of faces are very acne, people look at us like they want to swallow. Even jerr acne.
Yes, for some people. He will ignore it if he is treated but still gets acne.

That’s why we have to take care of it properly. Want beautiful skin, no short-cuts. Wear whatever must be consistent because our skin needs quality nutrition or food to build new skin in at least 28 days.

So patience, consistency and diligence is the key to achieving healthy and beautiful skin!

10 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

There are so many tips out there to keep your skin beautiful. But whatever you have to understand all the basics of skin care so that the product is more effective and easy to look beautiful and safe for health

1. Use less face wash

Facial cleansers have chemicals that will cause your face to be quickly damaged and oily.

Try to avoid using oil control face wash (oil control) because it will remove oil only temporarily.

And it will encourage the face to become more oily.

Twice a day is enough.

2. Do not mix beauty products at will

How to take care of the face is very important and should be taken seriously.

Do not wear various beauty products at will for fear of facial skin will be damaged.

3. Tea powder and honey

Mix tea powder and honey. Make it like a scrub and can also be applied on the neck and arms.

To make it easier for you to do scrubbing, store the mixture in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

It’s to make it more durable. If stored outside, the mixture will last for 2 weeks.

Do it every day.

4️. Hot steam

This is a rather complicated way to take care of your face. Hot steam can shrink skin pores and reduce oily sebum production.

The trick is to use chicken poop flower leaves. Use green and fresh chicken poop flower leaves. Wash the leaves until clean.

Do it 2 times a week.

5️. Cold powder mask and honey

This is a natural way to take care of your face.

Mix cold powder and 2 tablespoons of honey and make like a mask on the face.

Do this for 30 minutes before bed and rinse with water afterwards.

It can make your skin always tense and the pores start to shrink.

6️. Egg white mask or cucumber starch

This is also one of the ways to take care of your face naturally.

Grind the cucumber essence and make like a mask on your face and let it dry.

Then rinse with water. Similarly with egg whites, make a mask on the face and let it dry.

Then rinse with water.

7️. Green tea

Drink green tea once or twice a day.

Green tea is great for antioxidants that can reduce acne.

8️. Vegetable oil

Use vegetable oil as a facial moisturizer.

Don’t use too much

9️. Facial exercises

How to take care of your face can make people laugh. Some say, “Effective?”.

Try it first. Always say ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ 10 times to strengthen the muscles of the face and lips.

1️0. Less facial contact

This is the last way to take care of your face. We certainly can not run away from touching the face when itching or the presence of acne.

However, the germs found on our fingers will cause our skin to be exposed to bacteria and cause the skin to get acne or inflammation.

If you also want to touch the face, please clean your hands with sanitizer or clean water.

Use a cloth when squeezing pimples and rinse with plain water repeatedly.

This is because our facial skin is very sensitive to bacteria and germs.

Why Aniena Skincare

Why choose a local product? Aren’t you afraid of damaged skin? Is this local product going to? Of course laa will be if you choose aniena skincare. Because aniena has treated a lot of problem skin .. you don’t have to worry about all the ingredients used are natural .. safe to use by all groups.

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Mercury Free Aniena Beauty Care Products

Here I want to press on the issue of * heat the cream in a spoon * which is supposed to ensure that this Aniena Beauty Care product is mercury -free.

Turning to this issue, I as the responsible party, feel the need to voice this issue, that the way that some of us have done this is *NOT TRUE & NOT ACCURATE AT ALL *

For everyone’s knowledge, mercury or prohibited substances in a product can only be *PROVEN *through *LAB TEST PROCESS ONLY! *

If it’s that simple (by just heating in a spoon), what’s the point of FOUNDER ANIENA incurring huge costs to do the LAB TEST PROCESS to convince consumers that our products are mercury free & free from prohibited substances according to the guidelines set by the MOH.

Sharing videos like this can affect the reputation of Aniena’s products which are now in the phase of becoming known. Therefore, I really hope, dear Aniena team friends, stop spreading and sharing such videos to customers and on social media to protect Aniena’s good name in the future.

Aniena Product Range

Herba Soap

-Removes all dirt on the face, makeup effects and dead skin cells
-Shrinks acne
-brightens and tightens the skin
-can also be used on dark areas such as elbows, knees and neck

Night Cream

-reduces wrinkles and fine lines, anti-aging
-Lightens and smoothes the skin
-Shrink pores
-Smoothes the skin
-Dies acne and stabilizes skin condition
-Treat and reduce acne scars and freckles
-Treat blackheads and whiteheads
-makes skin look radiant and flawless

Day Cream

-Protects the skin from UV rays
-Prevents black flex
-makes skin tone more even
-Smoothes, brightens and smoothes facial skin
-gives a glowing effect on the skin

Price Set Aniena Beauty Care

Loose item rm26, Set Aniena Beauty Care Rm65.


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