Agriculture Problems Malaysia

Agriculture Problems Malaysia

Defects in the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry System in Malaysia

1. I used to live in several western countries when I was young. The different thing is why agriculture in many countries has become a wealthy entrepreneur while on the other hand the career of a farmer is favored by those who are poor, village people and have no potential.

2. Why can Thailand also export vegetables, fruits, goats and cattle to Malaysia?. What are their advantages? The quality of the fruits is large and the animals are numerous.

3. When I was a child, the most cultivated plants were coffee and cocoa. After that these two products decreased in demand due to less demand. Oil palm land should also be reduced by 10% and replaced with crops in the form of food for Malaysians.

4. It may also be time for Malaysia to reduce palm oil as the country’s main resource. In addition to the forest, the land is full of palm trees. Indonesia has unexplored land that is 300 times more than the amount of oil palm in Malaysia. Every year the increase in the amount of land planted with palm oil in Indonesia increases. We don’t need to depend on the fluctuations in palm oil prices that are controlled externally.

5. Ancient System

I have been a farmer for more than 5 years in Malaysia. I became a small farmer. I feel oppressed in the existing system. Farmers and breeders are the group that feel left out and sidelined. Farmers have to buy fertilizers and pesticides as final buyers from agro shops. Farmers have to buy bran at an expensive price. Unfortunately, farmers and ranchers have to sell their products at wholesale prices.

6. The wholesale system puts pressure on farmers.

First, when you plant a little, the wholesaler will buy it at the normal price. Your goods are grade A. After picking 2 times and the goods are less beautiful, people will push the price. Among their reasons

– Lots of goods on the market. If you want to send but at a cheap price.
– Grade B goods but not market tables have never sold cheaply.
– The fate of farmers and breeders is determined by others.

I hope you guys don’t have to plant anymore. You also think that all this does not return the capital. They still play the price. Foreign goods come in. When the celebration of the goods until it does not make sense.

7. Chinese taukey wholesaler

People unite. If the leader says not to take it, a wholesale market won’t take your goods. They’ve been around for a long time, that’s why you see them as taikos and gangs. They teach their children to play bazaar for decades. Their game in their pocket.

8. Rohingya game

They take it cheap. They told me to leave the goods. After taking your things, people talk about all kinds of problems. The last one didn’t pay. People there say this boy. Meet the boy who works here, people push others. Their game is like an eel. In the end, tens of thousands of items were taken, and people said “taukey has gone in”. The conclusion is more cheating.

9. It’s hard to move forward. The chain of Malay farmers and gardeners is very lacking. What’s more, we are not united and not united. It’s like a crab, if you want to go up a little, pull another crab.

10. Struggle

I think this is a struggle. Let’s fight with me. A little there, a little here, we can also do a little bit. Until when we want to depend.

Imagine with the death of these small breeders and farmers, they will grow up and love more. Those enemies of Islam will be more rampant. They can import more vegetables. They can make millions more chicken coops. They press with our people high input prices. Give credit to Muslim farmers. Fertilizer is the same, poison is the same.

I feel sad .. but you don’t understand.

There is only one way

Islamic breeders and farmers cannot depend on middlemen. They need to find other alternatives to maximize profits. Sell ​​directly to customers. Find the best way.

I dare not send goods to wholesalers when they play the price. They made a story of dumping goods from Thailand. I kept it quiet and I stubbornly did not send it to the wholesaler. People want to see us. Exactly as I thought.

This week I have 500 kg of chili. I sell with you below the wholesale price. I don’t want to sell with local wholesalers because they will pressure local farmers because people will make rumors that they will get a lot of goods.

I sell chili for RM15 per kilo. You can buy it and I will send it via gdex on Monday.

I made sambal from the chili. I sell a promotional price of only RM10 per bottle of cider, the original price is RM16.

You buy it. You not only help me but you help the farmers – the farmers under me continue to be oppressed by the capitalist system.

I write like this and sometimes someone reports that my FB is blocked. That is our enemy everywhere.

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